What I Wore, #14

by Joyce in

Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far! I have the whole weekend off for the first time in a while, so I'm happy to relax and have time to work on more posts and things! Here's what I managed to wear this week!

this week

Products I Loved: I haven't worn my Burberry eyeshadows for a while, and every time, it is love. <3 The Nars Satin Lip Pencil is gorgeous, and the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner seems to be the only waterproof liner that doesn't irritate my eyes! Wohoo!

Product Disappointments: Everything I used this week is GREAT! haha, YAY!

Wishlist: The newest additions to the wishlist are Lush Sea Spray (which I may go and buy today!) and the eyeshadow stick thingies in the Chanel summer collection.

What did you love, hate or add to your wishlist this week? I would love to know!

P.S. Happy Earth Day! In celebration of the day, I urge you to check out some environmentally friendly products, and Lush is the first brand that comes to mind! Recycled plastic, a fun recycling option for their packaging, and tons of friendly ingredients for all of your beauty needs. Feel free to check my many reviews on the brand!

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