The Accessory: Ariella Collection Rings

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Earlier this summer, I was wandering around Nordstrom when I discovered the Ariella Collection. I found this set of 3 stackable rings in the sale section, and I knew that I had to hunt down my size. I love the little rhinestones, and the fact that I can wear them separate or together. Plus, the middle one is a bow - how could I not love that! 


There isn't much available from the brand on Nordstrom's site right now, but it is pretty affordable and I'm definitely keeping my eye out.  

Have you tried any jewelry from Ariella Collection? Where is your favorite place to shop for jewelry? I'd love to know, cause of course I always want more shiny sparkly things! :) 

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The Accessory: Spike Earrings

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I've been into spikes and studs for a while, but one of my favorite pairings is finding pieces with a little bit of bling. When I spotted these earrings at Forever 21 earlier this summer, I knew I had to have them. Perfect to spice up a t-shirt or jeans, these have been my favorites all summer!  


What accessories have you been liking this summer?  I'd love to know! Hope you are all having a great weekend!! :)

Purchased by me at Forever 21. Similar styles available here  and here. Affiliate links.

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Added to the Wishlist: Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Sunglasses

by Joyce in

Today, Warby Parker launched Ocean Avenue, a collection of frames and sunglasses inspired by summer.

I'm loving the frames (especially a gorgeous blue!) and I've fallen for the sunglasses in the collection. Mmm, I love that Marbled Charcoal and the more subtle Newsprint Grey (which is also available in other sunglass and frame styles!) 

So, I've now added both of these sunglasses to my wishlist, even though I tend to buy inexpensive sunglasses that I don't have to worry about. BUT these sunglasses are available in your prescription as well, and that is pretty cool. I'm thinking that this could be one more opportunity for me to actually wear my prescription EVER, so it could be well worth the investment. HMM!!

While I've never tried Warby Parker glasses before, many of my friends and co-workers have enjoyed their frames for ages. They also have a great Try Before You Buy program, where you can choose 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home, free of charge! Now I've definitely spent a good bit of time at work offering my opinions on the pairs my co-workers have selected...!

Check out the collection at Warby Parker and the great video directed by Cass Bird in collaboration with designer Chrissie Miller featuring a dance-off on Coney Island... What a great take on summer! 

What do you think of the Ocean Avenue Collection? Have you tried Warby Parker before?? :)

I was contacted by Warby Parker to post about this new collection. I was not paid to post about this, and my opinions are 100% my own!  

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What's In My Bag

by Joyce in

I've been wanting to do a "what's in my bag" post for a while now, and I've finally done it! I always enjoy reading and watching these posts, so I hope you enjoy it too. :) I didn't clean out my bag beforehand, so the filming of this video did turn into a bit of a cleaning session as well. LOL. Have a peek, and let me know what you think!

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The Accessory: Star Earring Cuff

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While you know quite a lot about my beauty obsessions, I've shared very little when it comes to my love of fashion. That obsession, I think, has been around for even longer than my love of beauty. (Gasp, what am I saying??) In the last few years, my obsessive need to buy clothing has died down (a bit) - I can happily say that all new purchases are well thought out. A new clothing purchase is the result of a lengthy search for something very specific that I envision. I've come to my senses and realized that I don't need another t-shirt or tank top, no matter how cute the color or how cheap it is - honestly, I have enough tank tops alone to last a month or two. Add in the t-shirts, and then the not so basic tops, and I'm good to go for the better part of a year...

So you might have guessed that have a pesky habit of collecting... Really, anything I enjoy I tend to collect it seems, whether or not I remember to use or wear them. (Sounds like a familiar pattern, eh?) Accessories are one of those things, for sure - earrings, rings, and pouches are particular favorites.

This leads me to introduce The Accessory - a regular series where I will show you something fun from my collection. Accessories of all kinds, yay! And perhaps a thought of what makeup to go with them! ;)


Tonight's pick is this star cuff earring that I found at H&M a few weeks ago. I'm wearing it as I blog from my bed, but I've had it on just about all week. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd throw on a bandage dress, some heels, and a smoky eye for a night out on the town. Now if only I could do something about that hair...!

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