Beauty Questions!

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You guys! I can't believe it is November already! AHHHH. The boyfriend started a new job in the city this past week, and I've just had a tired/busy week! The dry, cold air is not  helping either, as my sinuses and throat keep freaking out! Not to mention my skin... so dry, and a few break outs too. AHHH! In beauty news, I'm carefully plotting my November purchases but feeling really tempted by lots of things I'm seeing...

Tom Ford, why must you do this to me?! Have you guys seen this lipstick kit from Neiman's? For $125, I'm sort of dying for it... but can I (should I?) blow the November beauty budget on this? HELP!

tom ford holiday lip set

I was also sorely tempted by a promo code over at Sephora. Did you see these It Kits? I'm hoping they'll be around still whenever that Sephora VIB sale takes place... But I just realized that won't work either, since you can only use one promo code... GRR. In any event, I was SO close to ordering some items on my list just to grab one of these kits. (I even contemplated multiple orders to get them all! YIKES!)

sephora promo

Please save me from a horrifying spending spree! :)

Anyway, here are today's quick beauty questions!

  1. If you had $50 to spend at Saks Fifth Avenue, what would you buy? (I have a gift card, and I'm thinking a Burberry Eyeshadow or two, but I also wanted Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate... Do you think I could call a Saks counter and get free shipping?)
  2. What is your favorite hand cream? I'm in the market for a new one. :)
  3. Do you read beauty books? If so, do you have any favorites? I like Bobbi Brown and Robert Jones' Makeup Makeovers. :)

I'd love to hear what you think! What have you been up to? Should I let myself be tempted to buy? Plus I'd love to hear your thoughts on my beauty questions! :)

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Sparkle vs Shimmer

by Joyce in

I've always been a big fan of all kinds of sparkle in my makeup, but lately I'm thinking it's not for me! At 24 and working an un-sparkly job, I'm finding sparkle a bit inappropriate for everyday wear. However, I still love some finely milled shimmer!

For example, Nars Tropic or any of the Night Series colors are gorgeous but quite sparkly! (and therefore not very practical!)


What do you guys think? Are you over sparkle?

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